Every Sunday 10:00 AM Worship

Communion served 1st Sunday of Month

Choir Practice 8:30-9:30AM

Knitting Group 2nd Sunday of Month in

Sanctuary 12-1:30PM

Every Tuesday – Bible Study 7-8:30PM

Every Wednesday

Bible Study with Rev. Lou Kilgore 10-11:30AM

Bell Choir Practice 7PM Sanctuary


Tue 1/23 4PM Presbytery Meeting at HMPC

Fri 1/26 HMPC Book Group 1:30PM

Fri 2/9 Annual Reports Due

Wed 2/14 Ash Wednesday

Thu 2/15 Personnel 10AM Session 7PM

Fri 2/23 HMPC Book Group 1:30PM

Sun 2/25 Annual Congregational Mtg.


CFA “Souper Bowl” 2018

Make the Center for Food Action your winning “Souper Bowl” Team in a project to help feed and keep our neighbors warm. This Sunday, the Outreach Team will distribute plastic soup containers for you to collect loose change for 2 weeks. Then, on Sunday, Feb. 4, coinciding with the NFL’s Super Bowl, bring your container back to church. Everyone’s contributions will be combined during hospitality time, and all monies will be donated to CFA. Thank you for helping CFA prevent hunger and homelessness.


2018 Congregational Meeting

All committee heads please note; your Annual Reports for the February 25th Corporate/Congregational Meeting are due on Friday, February 9th, via email.


Olvalene Adams

It is with great sadness that we share the news of long time member and friend of HMPC, Olvalene Adams’ passing away, on January 12, 2018. She was much-loved and she will be missed.  The family had a Service of The Resurrection for Olvalene on Tuesday, January 16.  If you would like to send a note of condolence, please send to John and Josie Adams, 504 Hartung Drive, Wyckoff, NJ 07481.



This week’s lesson is based on Psalm 111:7. It states “The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy.” We will define each word in the passage. We will explain why God’s way is trustworthy in our lives and share times in which it has been. Also, we will trace praying hands and write a prayer in which we will write all we could confidently put in God’s hands that we need to release as a step of faith. I pray that the children continue to know God’s tangible love and care for our lives and that there is nothing he can’t handle.


Reading Group @ HMPC

The Book Club meets on the 4th Friday of the month and anyone is invited to come and discuss the books. Our gathering time is changing from 1 – 3PM to 1:30-3:30PM so please make a note.

If you have never been a part of a book club or used to be and would like to join a club again, please consider joining the HPMC Book Group. There’s nothing to do: why not try coming for one meeting and see how enjoyable it is!

1/26 The Whistler by John Grisham


Prayers & Announcements

Announcements for the Sunday Worship Service should be emailed to the church office. If you would like the community to pray with you please call the office at 201-891-0511.


HMPC Live Stream

HMPC is live to view, Sundays at 10am EST. Feel free to browse the HPMC YouTube channel, for past streams. Hold your control button down and click on the following: HMPC YouTube Channel for a selection of pre-recorded services.


Sunday Servers

One great way you can help HMPC is through your Stewardship of Time. By volunteering once a year, once a quarter or once a month, as a Greeter, Reader, or Hospitality person, you keep our Worship service and spirit of community going! These jobs are super easy and if you would like to try one, please call church office at 201-891-0511.


HMPC Sunday Servers: First Quarter 2018

Date Greeter Reader Communion Hospitality Faithworks Childcare
01/28 E. Olsson

 “Get 3 more”

T. Jadick   Kim&Brad Huntington I.Rodriguez Tyler Strasser
02/04 D. Bourhill

“Get 3 more”

M. McColl W.McColl M. Carbone I.Rodriguez Paige Peterson
02/11  Aylwards

“Get 3 more”

L. Dearani   S. Dirringer   Tyler Strasser
02/18 P. Harder

“Get 3 more”

M. Meek   Chousal-Fernandez I.Rodriguez Paige Peterson
02/25 Castaldos

“Get 3 more”

S. Aylward   D. Loukos I.Rodriguez Tyler Strasser
03/04 Worralls

“Get 3 more”

M. Carbone C. Meslink L. Dearani I.Rodriguez Paige Peterson
03/11 D. Loukos

“Get 3 more”

M. Holt   Aylwards I.Rodriguez Tyler Strasser
03/18 T. Jadick

“Get 3 more”

L. Noonan   Gail&Maggie Huntington I.Rodriguez Paige Peterson

Palm Sunday

F. Auld

“Get 3 more”

C. Rizzo    


I.Rodriguez Tyler Strasser