Caring Ministries

The heart of the Christian message is that God cares about everyone of us. What makes this real in our world is when people care for each other in God’s name. As God loves us so we are called to love and care for each other. Jesus said you cannot say you love God and hate your neighbor. The inverse is also true, when you truly love God you will discover ways to love and care for your neighbor

Preaching the Gospel is about more than words. It is about making a plan to demonstrate that love and caring are real with actions of love and concern. So the Pastoral care of the church is organized in ways to help members and friends of the church care for each other and to engage in acts of kindness in our community.

We have trained persons in addition to the pastor who organize and carry out this love and caring as it is needed. Our acts of kindness are designed to be organized and helpful and not always random. If you need the services of Pastor or Deacons please contact the church to let us know how we can help.

Pastoral Services

Our Pastor and those who work with the pastor are on call for many different kinds of works of caring. Pastor makes home and hospital visits when invited. You can expect that he will pray with you and talk with you.

You are welcome to contact Pastor Lou if you need a wedding officiant. Lou really enjoys weddings and is a trained premarital counselor with many years of experience helping couples to prepare for and to find successful paths in marriage.

If you are in need of short term pastoral counseling in a more therapeutic context you are invited to call the pastor make an appointment for pastoral care. Lou is trained to help those who are trying to decide if they need the help of a therapist and also can help to make referrals for the kind of help needed

Our Pastor engages in many different kinds of education events and also participated in community functions.

Prayer Circle

We pray for each other and believe in the power of prayer. We also believe in privacy and protection of information that is sensitive. So we maintain a circle of prayer and a prayer list
without specifics for those who feel called upon to pray for others. We Pray for our neighbors close by and also for the situation and struggles of the people of the world. More information

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