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After several attempts to deal with the brokenness of the world, God spoke to Sarah and Abraham and asked them to join in a mission to bless all the families of the earth. This partnership with God uses regular people in real life to make a difference. We exist as part of that relationship between God and people who seek to walk with God and be a blessing. In the same way that God sent Jesus to love and bless the families of the world, so God sends us to love and bless the world.

The High Mountain Presbyterian Church seeks to be a blessing in its community. We accept our share of the privilege of being a neighbor in this world. We have a team of members whose work is to focus on creating actions that will increase our understanding of the world and our neighborhood. We are a community of faith, but we seek to be outward oriented. We come together to increase our ability to engage meaningfully in the issues of community and culture. We partner with a variety of other organizations so that our efforts may be increased even more as we try to address the issues of justice,hunger,homelessness,isolation and discouragement in our community and the world.

So we act on behalf of others. We gather food and we raise money. We go to places of need and dedicate our time and our skills in making a difference. We educate and assist others and we listen and learn. We are active in the world because we have come to know that God is active in the world and in particular in our lives.

Being a blessing


We support the efforts of Habitat for Humanity Patterson NJ. We give financial support and we send volunteers to join in efforts to find homes and jobs for people in the community of Patterson.

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