Thank you families for letting your child be a part of “Blast to the Past Bible Camp! During this exciting time your child met new friends, took part in lots of great projects, enjoyed yummy snacks, learned some fun songs, and discovered that we can count on God’s love because God is love (1 John 4:16) and it goes on and on throughout time! During our time together we learned from Exodus 3 that God hears Israel and sends and unlikely hero. We discovered a burning bush which God used to give Moses and the Israelites a message about God’s INCREDIBLE love. Then, from the story of Rahab in Joshua 2, we learned that a red rope was used to show that God keeps promises. Rahab helped the spies, and God saved her family because God’s love is FAITHFUL! On the third day we learned that an alabaster jar may look nice on the outside, but what’s inside is usually even more valuable! In Luke 7, Jesus, the Son of God forgives a woman (Mary) who had done many bad things because God’s love is UNCONDITIONAL! and forgives us too! At our last day, we learned from the Bible in Acts 12 that God answers the prayers of Peter’s friends and God changed everything by freeing Peter from prison. God’s love changes our lives too because God’s love is REAL! Children’s families and friends were invited to come earlier to sing and celebrate our final day together.