This Sunday we welcome to the Season after Pentecost, the longest season of the church year, which begins on June 11, the week after Pentecost, and will end on the Sunday before Advent. Traditionally this season is a time of learning and growth in the life of the church as we explore what it means to follow God faithfully day by day. This season begins with story about the creation of the world from the first two chapters of Genesis. Also, This Sunday is called Trinity Sunday, a day when we celebrate the different ways we experience God in and around us.

Our focus bible reading is Genesis 1:1—2:4. Youth curiosity about nature and creation is an interest that spans the ages of childhood. Children enjoy visiting zoos and aquariums. Along with this natural interest comes a sincere concern for how people care for creation. Older children often ask the “how” and “why” questions that help them make sense of the world around them and may question the story of a world that was created in seven days. This session provides the opportunity to explain that this story is not meant to be a scientific account of creation. At our time together we will explore why the story was included in the Bible, and examine what helps us to know about God and creation and to acknowledge that all of us are included in God’s creation, a creation that God describes as “very good” in the account in Genesis.

All children and youth are welcome to join us for Bible story time and activities on the 2nd floor after the time of conversation with the pastor. Childcare for children under 5 years old is provided on the 2nd floor of the church house as well.