Our focus Bible story for this Sunday is Matthew 4:12–23.

As we enter this text, we meet Jesus starting to preach and gather disciples. Verse 12 reports that the arrest of John the baptizer is a turning point, a decision point, for Jesus. Choosing to follow in the way of God was the heart of John’s message before his arrest. Now the call to change directions and journey in God’s ways becomes Jesus’ message. Jesus’ ministry unfolds in Capernaum in Galilee, the part of Galilee inhabited by Gentiles. This was the ancient land of the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali. In offering this detail, Matthew points to Jesus as the fulfilment of the words in Isaiah 9:1–2.

Jesus calls the crowds to repent, to change, to turn one’s life in a new direction. The call of the disciples in verses 18–22 seems like expected to them. By hearing to Jesus’ message and follow, these brothers changed the direction in their lives, setting a model for the church and all who seek to follow Jesus from that point on.

At our time together, we will explore opportunities to reflect on what it means to be called to this adventure of discipleship. What are we being called to do? How does answering Jesus’ call to “come and follow” fit in with the other choices and decisions that our young people face as they move through teenage years?

As we provide a warm, loving, and invitational community, we hope and pray that they will be inspired and encouraged to consider responding to Jesus’ invitation to follow in God’s way of love. Jesus’ call wants to stimulate in us a decision that defines and gives us unity as followers in the way of God. We are given the opportunity to move from a former time into a future time.

All children and youth are welcome to join us for Bible story time and activities on the 2nd floor after the time of conversation with the pastor in worship. Childcare is available for children 4 and under on the 2nd floor as well.