Every Sunday 10:00 AM Worship

Communion served 1st Sunday of Month

Choir Practice 8:30-9:30AM

Knitting Group 2nd Sunday of Month in

Sanctuary 12-1:30PM

Every Tuesday – Bible Study 7-8:30PM

Every Wednesday Bible Study with Rev. Lou Kilgore 10-11:30AM

Bell Choir Practice 7:15PM 

Fri 2/14 2019 Annual Reports Due

Sun 2/16 HMPC Bell Choir Playing

Tue 2/18 Mission Meeting 10:30AM

Wed 2/26 Ash Wednesday 7:30PM

Thu 2/27 Session 7:30PM

Fri 2/28 HMPC Book Group 1:30PM

             Brass Factory Concert 7:30

Mission at the Eastward 2020

Plans are being made for the mission trip to Maine to work among the poor and provide safer, warmer, and drier, homes.    If you are interested in coming on this trip please watch for news.  The cost will be 350-400 with the chance to raise funds to offset the costs.  Persons attending must be 14 years old and mature enough to function in a demanding work environment.   Adults who contemplate attending must agree to a complete background check and be willing to attend an orientation event and may be asked to drive.  The week for the trip is not yet set but we will be going sometime in July.   We will keep you updated.  Pastor Lou

New Worship Hours

The Session of the High Mountain Presbyterian Church is announcing new Worship hours beginning Sunday, March 1, 2020.  The new Sunday Worship service hours are 10:30 to 11:30 AM.

Please make a note of this important change.  Thank you!

Artist Pamela Leggate

Award winning artist Pamela Leggate will be exhibiting paintings in The Gallery through April 15th.  Pam’s travels have provided inspiration for her paintings.  Recent works include scenes from England, Scotland and Canada. Although Pam draws and paints in several media, much of her current work is done in transparent watercolor.

There is such joy in watercolors and all they can do.  They are full of surprises.  The pleasure of exploring ways to push brush and paint across paper or dropping a blossom in where it’s least expected. – Pamela Leggate

HMPC Book Group

The HMPC Book Group meets on the fourth Friday of every month, at 1:30-3:30PM.

Feb. 28 In the Bleak Midwinter Julia Spencer Fleming

Mar. 27 And After the Fire Lauren Belfer 

Prayers & Announcements

Announcements for the Sunday Worship

Service Prayer List: please email your request to the church office at or call 201-891-0511 if you want the community to pray with you.

         Sunday Server Sign-Up Sheet; First Quarter 2020

  Greeter Reader Communion Hospitality Counters Faithworks Childcare
2/16 W. McColl M. McColl   T. O’Shea S Kroll* M Carbone Rose Genau
2/23 Need Help C. Mainardi   M. Carbone S Aylward* B Jordan Rose Genau
3/1 New M. Marianni Worship Hours M. Marianni Begin 10:30AM S. Kroll End 11:30AM Ratleff Family P Castaldo* T O Shea Rose Genau
3/8 A. Cays J. Cays   Sandoval-Huntington W McColl* J. Cays Rose Genau
3/15 K. Reiter S. Kroll   Mariannis   S Dirringer* J. Watkins Rose Genau
3/22 G. Zachrone C. Rizzo   C. Meslink E Fernandez* R. Choussal Rose Genau
3/29 B. Jordan S. Singh   S. Kroll P. Hall C Meslink* M. Holt Rose Genau

*Assigned families can decide who will be reader. Please inform Chris who is reading one week before you are scheduled.  Two or more people can share ushering and hospitality duties.  If you cannot be available when assigned, please switch with someone else and inform the office of this change.  Please check PM regularly to see the date of your assignment.  We need a few more volunteers for the listed duties.  If you can help in anyway, please call the office at 201-891-0511 and we can add you to the list.  Thank you for kindness and generosity in assisting with the church service.